Artesanal New Yarmouth 2009

Land: Jamaica
Alkohol %: 66,9
Lagret: 11 år
Pris: 849,-
Sukker g/L: 0-5
Ester: 750 g/hl


Citrus, honning, appelsin,  ananas, vanilje, hvid eg, anis


Estere, citrus, træ, vanilje, sødme, ananas, neglelakfjerner, malt



Mere info

From the pot still at New Yarmouth distillery in Jamaica, this single cask rum was bottled in 2020 by Rum Artesanal

Located in the Clarendon parish of Jamaica, New Yarmouth is J. Wray & Nephew’s sister distillery to their globally renowned Appleton Estate. Although decidedly less prominent, it is far larger and also operates both pot and column stills, providing much of the rum for its parent company’s brands, including Edwin Charly, Coruba and Wray & Nephew Overproof.